Dakshina Pandaripuram, Govindapuram

South Side Elevation of Sri Vittal Sri Rukmini Mandir, GovindapuramWith the divine benedictions of Sri Pandurangan and Sri Rukmini Devi, with the Guru Krupa of Dakshina Halasyam Sri Gnanananda Giri Peetadhipathi Sri Haridhos Giri Swamigal and with the blessings of Paranur Mahathma Sri Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal, Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan (formerly known as Sri Panduranga Bhajanashram), Govindapuram has embarked upon the holy project of constructing a first ever Maharashtrian style temple in typical Hemandapanthi for Sri Rukmini sametha Sri Vittal at Govindapuram near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu. Once completed, this upcoming Temple will be the Biggest & Tallest Temple for Lord Sri Vittal and Rukmini Devi in the entire World.

Sri Vittal Rukmini Mandir

Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan is headed by Brahmashri Vittaldas Jayakrishna Deekshithar, the grand son of Sengalipuram Brahmashri Anantharama Deekshithar and Brahmashri Narayana Deekshithar. Sri Vittaldas is also the most blessed disciple of Dakshina Halasyam Gnananandagiri Peetadhipathi Sri Haridhos Giri Swamigal (Guruji) and Paranur Mahathma Bramhashri Krishna Premi Swamigal (Sri Sri Anna). Govindapuram is such a holy land where the great Jeeva Samadhi of Sri Bhagavan Nama Bodendra Saraswathi Swamigal, the 59th Peetadhipathi of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam is present. Sri Vittal Rukmini Mandir is being constructed in Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan's premise which is about a kilometer away from Sri Bhagavan Nama Bodhendral's Adhishtaanam at Govindapuram. You may please visit www.vittaldas.com for more information about Sri Vittaldas Maharaj, Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan and its activities.

South Side Elevation of Sri Vittal Sri Rukmini Mandir, GovindapuramSri Vittal Rukmini Mandir is being constructed in a typical Maharashtrian style architecture called "Hemandapanthi" with 132 ft Gopuram, Garbhagruham (Sanctum Sanctorum), Ardhamandapam, Vasanthamandapam, Mahamandapam, Mahadwaram and Pond. Bhoomi Pooja was performed by Bramhashri Krishna Premi Swamigal (Sri Sri Anna) and Sri Vittaldas Maharaj's father Vadagudi Brahmashri Rama Deekshithar on June 03, 2004. Large number of Bhagavathas and Bhakthas joined the Bhoomi Pooja. Bhagavatha Mela was conducted prior to the Bhoomi Pooja vaibhavam on June 02, 2004.

Contribution from Bhakthas is the only monetary source for this virtuous gesture. Sri Vittaldas Maharaj is travelling all over the country with His disciples to spread the importance of "Nama" through Namasankeerthanam and Sri Bhaktha Vijayam discourses. These programs thus enable Bhakthas to be gifted with the ecstasy enjoying Namasankeerthanam and to participate in this great deed. Please click here to contribute for this holy cause.

South Side Elevation of Sri Vittal Sri Rukmini Mandir, Govindapuram

  • The Gopuram (main tower) of the Temple will be of a mammoth size with 132 ft tall. The sight of the huge Gopuram will be a divine treat to watch.
  • A huge Kalash (Kalasam) will crown the Maha Gopuram. The Kalash itself is 18 ft high.
  • Mahamandapam, where Swamy’s Palli Arai (Sayana Mandapam) will be constructed - will be an unique structure, as it will have an Artistic Dome, which will be visible from inside too. The Dome will be of South Indian architectural design.
  • Vasantha Mandapam will be a huge hall, where Namasankeerthanam, Bhajans, Upanyasams and various uthsavams like Radha Kalyanam etc., will be held. Around 2000 devotees can comfortably be seated in this large Hall (Mandapam) to enjoy the programmes. The uniqueness of this Vasantha Mandapam is that it will be totally Pillar-less, constructed using latest technologies, to enable the devotees to witness various programmes without any hindrance.. The interior decorations of Vasantha Mandapam too will be of typical South Indian style.
  • The Mahadhwar (main entrance) of the Temple will be of Maharashtrian style and will be a 80 ft tall structural beauty, with a width of 62 ft..
  • Large size of decorative depictions of 16 various Leelas (divine actions) of Lord Sri Krishna, sculptured in high quality wood are to be fixed inside the premises of the upcoming Temple.
  • At behest of Sri Vittaldas Maharaj, 100 Crore Nama Pathram are to be kept right beneath the Lotus Feet of Sri Vittal & Sri Rakumayi at the upcoming Temple. A special big hall is already made ready for this purpose. Around 40 Crores of Namas are received so far. All Devotees can download the required format for writing Nama from www.vittaldas.com and send the completed ones directly to address of Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan. Such Nama Pathrams may be submitted to Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan upto 11/06/2011.
  • The entire Temple is to be fully Air-conditioned for the convenience of the visiting devotees, to enable them to concentrate in their prayers, with comfort and peace.
  • The ground floor of the Temple will have a Library and Meditation Halls. Very useful socio-religious books will be available for the visiting devotees to glance at. Devotees can calmly meditate with silence and peace at the special Meditation Hall.
  • The temple will have a lengthy Prakaram (outer circle). Prakaram for Temple is considered equivalent to Vashtram for God himself. Swamy’s processions will take place in this Prakaram, during periodical festivals.
  • The Temple will have a large Pond, with facilities for devotees to take bath.
  • Special arrangements are being planned for contibuous drinking Water supply inside and outside the Temple.
  • Mandir's architecture is explained in detail in the Architecture section.
  • Kumbabishekam of the Temple is scheduled to be performed on 15th July 2011.
  • All devotees will be compulsorily required to do Nama Japam atleast for a few minutes, at an exclusively allotted place inside the Temple, before proceeding to have darshan of Lord Vittal & Rukmini at the upcoming Temple.
  • All devotees visiting this Temple could enter the sanctum sanctorum and touch the Holy Lotus of Feet of Lord Sri Vittal and Rakumayi and touch, during specific timing of each day. The timing for such opportunity of each day, would be announced later. Likewise, at certain timing of each day, devotees could perform Pradhakshnam of God and Goddess Themselves, inside the sanctum sanctorum. This is an unique opportunity to devotees.
  • A Special lift (Escalator) moving from the main entrance upto the point near to Sanctum sanctorum will be installed for the use and benefit of aged and differentially abled devotees.

Sri Gokulam Gosala

Cows have always been regarded as a holy being and Goddess in our tradition. In our own houses, not far beyond a generation or so, every home owned cows to procure milk for daily Abhishekam for Gods at home and for our household needs. As our lives became busier and more and more people moved to cities for occupation, having cows at our homes have become far from reality now-a-days. Unfortunately, in our holy nation, when these cows become old and stop giving milk, they are considered a burden and sent for slaughtering, the most sinful act.

South Side Elevation of Sri Vittal Sri Rukmini Mandir, GovindapuramProtection of Cows GoSamrakshanam has become the need of the day to revive the nation from the downfall from these sinful deeds and restore prosperity, peace and harmony. Towards this noble cause, a Gosala is functioning inside Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan premises. A unique feature of this Gosala is that the Cows are of Sri Brindhavan, Sri Govardhan, Sri Dwaraka origin and descendants of cows grazed by Lord Sri Krishna Himself. Hence this Gosala is rightly named Sri Gokulam. Devoted food, shelter, water, electricity and medical facilities are made available for this Gosala.

With close to 150 cows in this Gosala, the cost of food and other maintenance amounts to Rs. 7000 per day. Contribution of Rs. 3500 each from two devotees a day will meet this noble need. Bhakthas can also earmark their birthdays, anniversaries, remembrance days of their forefathers or any other special day and make them auspicious by donating Rs.3,500/- to participate in one day’s GoSamrakshanam for all these cows.

Bhakthas desirous of participating in this noble cause can also donate Rs.11,000/- per cow, the cost that attributes towards procuring and transporting one cow from Sri Brindavan, Sri Govardhan and Sri Dwaraka, do Go-Pooja and be the recipient of bountiful blessings of Sri Vittal Rukmini.

Vittal Temple Contact Details

Sri Vittal Rukmini Mandir
Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan
Dakshina Pandaripuram
Govindapuram, Aduthurai - 612 101
Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Telephone: +91-435-2472300

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